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In today’s day and age, time and information move at a rapid pace. It is not possible for a single person or team to know everything and write about it in a flash. We understand this.

However, there is power in numbers. With a big group of likeminded individuals, anything is possible. Sky is the limit.

Are you a likeminded individual who is interested in technology and can write too? If you are, then you might be the one we are looking for.

With your writing skills, you could help us with our mission of educating people about the present and future technologies that are coming out. Here are some topics that you can write about:

Present and Future Technologies

This topic is simple enough. Write about current technologies that people are using. Look to the future and write about the technologies that are on the horizon for society.

These articles could serve as a way to keep tabs on what technologies are embedded in our lives as well as what may come.

Technological Implications

Apart from talking about technologies, dig a bit deeper and talk about how these technologies could be used and their implications on society.

Analyze these technologies and try to think what could happen if these technologies fall into righto r wrong hands.

Scientific Advancements

More often than not, technological advancements are based on scientific progress. Science is progressing each and every day.

With so much information coming out, people tend to miss out on the multitude of developments coming out. Write about these scientific advancements and their implications for technology.

We hope you come and write for GCC Melt. We haven’t seen the top of what technology can provide. Together, we can. Let’s touch the top of technology.