feature5 - 4 Weird Technologies That Will Make You Turn Your Head

4 Weird Technologies That Will Make You Turn Your Head

At GCC Melt, we’ve always said that there are two sides to every story, much like a coin. These two sides were the technologies that you should fear and technologies that you should be excited about.

However, we are not above admitting that we are wrong, because there is in fact a third side of the proverbial technology coin. This is the weird side.

Here are four technologies that will make you scratch and turn your head in curiosity.

Spartan Underwear

Radiation is a big problem. Left unchecked, it could affect a person’s wellbeing and create diseases or deformities. What more if this radiation is directed towards a person’s sex parts?!

Enter the Spartan Underwear. This pair of underwear is not about making you look as badass as Leonidas. Instead, it protects your private parts from cellphone radiation.

The product claims to block as much as 99% of wireless radiation. It is also antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and designed in Paris. At least your private parts can be clean, comfortable, stylish, and protected at the same time right?

The Singing Machine Studio

Do you love to sing? Do you also feel that singing has no love for you because you can’t find the right pitch even if it is staring you right in your face?

Don’t worry, the Singing Machine Studio is for you.

This modified karaoke machine has all the features of a standard karaoke. However, one improvement is that it has a built in autotune system that will automatically correct your pitch with that funky autotune.

It also has the ability to play HD karaoke videos as well as record your private concerts. It is currently priced at $199 USD.


Brace yourself for more underwear technology incoming.

SKIIN is a line of smart underwear. Wearing SKIIN underwear will allow you to monitor your heart rate, breathing, temperature, and more statistics.

These are done via the sensors and conductive yarn that are built into each pair.

Wearing these pieces of underwear is not enough though. You are also required to attach a low-power battery module to your clothes. Once you do, the hardware will start working and your statistics and readings will be collected. This batter will last for 24 hours.

A pack of eight SKIIN smart underwear will cost you about $499 USD.

Short Story Dispenser

There are lots of dispensers out in the world. For drink, food, and even sanitary items. However, have you ever heard of a dispenser that dispenses literary works?

If that tickles your fancy, the Short Story Dispenser – created by Short Edition – is for you.

This device will allow you to customize what you want to read. You can select a short story that is either one, three, or five minutes long.

Depending on what you choose, it will automatically churn out a piece of fiction for you to read.

If you enjoyed this read, then don’t worry. There are a ton of weird technologies out there for you to discover. If you didn’t though, then we don’t blame you. These technologies aren’t for everybody!

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