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3 Most Important Tech Advancements

GCC Melt is fully committed to finding the latest technologies, understanding how technologies have and will affect us, and looking to the future.

Once in a while though, it is important to look back and see the important technological advancements that allowed us to get where we are. It is like a homage to the advancements that have come before us.

Here are three of the most important technological advancements that humankind has had.


When people think technology, they think something hi-tech that is usually made of computers and wires and whatnot. However, something as primal as harnessing the element of fire is also considered a technological advancement.

When fire was discovered and used, it revolutionized so many aspects of our lives. First off, it was the temperature of the human body. We found early on that we weren’t meant to strive in total cold. With nature going against us most of the time, we needed something to warm us up.

Apart from that, it also allowed us to cook our food, change up our hygiene, and later on play a part in other technologies such as engines.

Without fire, I doubt we’d be where we are right now.


Most people know that Thomas Edison was the one who harnessed and allowed for our use of electricity. The truth is, the concept of using electricity has been contributed to by a number of great minds.

It began with Thales of Miletus conducted early research on it.

Benjamin Franklin studied it in earnest early in the 18th century. His study allowed us to understand the nature of electricity more. Finally, Edison was able to harness it with the invention of light bulb.

Now though, it is unimaginable for a household to not have electricity. Electricity powers every aspect of our human lives.


Computers are hands down one of the most important pieces of technology ever created. With its inception, it allowed for these machines to process information and do certain tasks that would require several people to do. Oh, and at a quicker pace.

Now, computers are everywhere. As a device, it just allows for so much utility. It allows us to view the internet, create things, play video games, and so much more. It is also a part of our cell phones, our cars, our planes, and who knows what else.

These pieces of technology are indeed pillars in our society. Without them, our life would be radically different. However, it must be noted that these are just a part of the greatest inventions of all time. There are some that we have not mentioned such as the printing press and gunpowder.

info1 - 3 Most Important Tech Advancements

Infographic by: visualcapitalist.com

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