Events 2018

The internet is a special place. It connects the whole world and is a great place to collect information.

However, at GCC Melt, we encourage our netizens to head out into the world and see what is out there. Experience is the best way to know and understand whatever is out there, even technology.

One good way to see what is out there is by attending events and conferences. Here are a couple of technology events that you can attend this 2018.


Blackhat is an event that focuses on information security. The conference has been operating for 20 years and will be taking place in Las Vegas on August 4.

In these conferences, you will earn about the different developments, advancements, research, and trends in the information security sector. Examples are penetration testing and the exploitation of web applications.

This conference is an interesting one to find out how the current and future technologies we have can be exploited and taken advantage of. Technological security is becoming a priority in the world.

Artificial Intelligence Conference

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that is considered a game changer. When people think AI, they either think that it is a piece of technology that will make life easier, or one that will take over the world and jeopardize humanity (ala Terminator and Skynet).

The Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Francisco this coming September 5 to 7 sets the record straight. The conference talks about what is really coming when we mention AI.

The application of AI will be discussed and covered such as applied machine learning, deep learning, chatbots, supercomputers, and so much more.

These are only a couple of events or conferences that you can attend. There are so much more events on technology that you can go to. Go out there and see what technologies are waiting for us.