feature2 - Read these 3 Books to Succeed in the Tech Industry

Read these 3 Books to Succeed in the Tech Industry

With technology progressing at an alarming rate, the industry is growing just as fast. This has led to the opening of a number of jobs and positions in the tech industry.

One way to advance in your industry is to gleam valuable information from those that are experienced. One of the best ways is to read good books.

GCC Melt presents you three books that you should read in order to succeed in the tech industry.

Hooked by Nir Eyal

1 - Read these 3 Books to Succeed in the Tech Industry

If you’ll notice, a key to successful technology is how it hooks us and imposes itself into our daily lives. A well-used piece of technology will often lead to success.

The question then is, how do pieces of technology capture the attention of the masses and stay there? How does technology hook people? How does it alter people’s habits and make them addicted?

These are questions that Nir Eyal targets to answer in his book “Hooked.”

Eyal goes on to explain that there are four steps to what he calls the “Hook Model.” When this process is followed, it allows for your piece of technology to will be embedded into customer’s behaviors.

Reuse of this cycle then allows for users to keep coming back for more. Thus, a cycle is formed, with your piece of technology at the center of it.

Zero to One by Peter Thiel

2 - Read these 3 Books to Succeed in the Tech Industry

The premise of this book is simple: progress is there for those who know where to look and how to make it. The book starts by battling the notion that there is nothing new to be discovered.

Successful entrepreneur Peter Thiel begs to differ. He says that there are an unlimited of frontiers out there waiting to be discovered.

If that is the case though, how come they haven’t been discovered yet? Apart from being distracted by the newest trend in front of us, Thiel says that the unfound frontiers are only limited by the population.

He says that as a leader, it is so easy to find something new to improve at an amazing scale. This isn’t only for technology, but for any industry. He goes on to say that if a leader wants to champion the unknown – and actually find an unknown to champion first – then they all must be able to think for themselves.

This book is all about thinking for yourself.

How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

3 - Read these 3 Books to Succeed in the Tech Industry

Everyone has heard of Google. In fact, in today’s day and age, it is impossible for you to not know what Google is unless you live under a rock.

This book is written by two veteran Google executives in Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg. In the book, they detail the history and different strategies that Google did to get to where it is today.

They also dwell upon how they established a new business and workplace philosophy that centered around creativity and innovation.

This book is an inspiring tale for anyone who wants to succeed in the tech industry. The book says that there are no rules to success.

These books stand out among the rest, but many other books on technology have been written. Keep reading and find what works for you.

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