About GCC Melt

company 300x300 - About GCC MeltAt GCC Melt, we strongly believe in the transformative and game-changing nature of technology. Technology is a powerful force that has the power of influencing how society develops and acts.

With that said though, the developments of society are moving at a pace faster than ever. With so much happening, it would not be so uncommon to miss a few developments along the way.

This is where we step in. Through our website, we’ll stay on top of the technological game and let you know about it. Information is power as they say, and we are committed to relaying all the relevant information about technological trends and news. Our aim is to educate and peer into the ramifications that each piece of technology has on our world.

Technology is inherently neutral. No piece of technology is automatically good or bad. It is the users of this technology that put it in the box of good or evil.

With that said, the intent of our website is to promote a better and holistic approach to technology, as well as see whether or notcurrent or future technologies are being used or going to be used negatively.

We hope you read our articles and join us on our journey.