This file documents the MELT plugin for GCC.

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This manual documents briefly how to use the MELT plugin for GCC. The use of the GNU compilers is documented in a separate manual. See (gcc)Top section ‘Introduction’ in Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). The MELT plugin for GCC permits you to develop your specific extensions of GCC in a powerful, lispy, domain specific language (also called MELT).

This manual is mainly a reference manual rather than a tutorial. It discusses how to use the MELT plugin for GCC. Additional tutorial information for GCC is linked to from and for MELT is linked to from

MELT documentation is made of a human written docuemtation (this document) and of a machine generated documentation. The machine generated documentation explains the MELT definitions (of functions, classes, selectors, primitives, etc...). Since it is generated from a GPLv3 source code, that generated documentation is released separately under a GPLv3 license. (the main author of this document, Basile Starynkevitch, understands that GPL and GFDL licenses are incompatible, so merging these two documentations is inappropriate.).

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